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We have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and affordable legal solutions.

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Our work ethic and experience allow us to focus our efforts on those areas of a case that will have the greatest impact. We are dedicated to providing the best advice for you and your loved ones. We have the experience you want defending against criminal charges. If you are charged with a crime, or just have questions about whether you need a lawyer, contact us for a free consultation.

From driving under the influence to felony assault, we can handle your case. Even if you just want to clear old convictions from your record, we can do that too. 

The legal system can intimidate and overwhelm anyone – we're here to help get the answers and find the solutions you need. Don't let yourself get buried in details.

Contact us instead.

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Travis R Dickey

We guarantee effective and aggressive representation. Our history of successful litigation speaks volumes.

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